Kitchen Accessories

Drawer Separator

Smart space optimization is very important in home, pull-out trolleys and drawers are quite helpful in storing containers of different types, cutlery and other knickknacks. If they are put together, it becomes a mess, separators help in making a clear cut division of space to keep all the things in place. Marvel offers you a huge range of excellent quality dividers for your modular trolleys and drawers.

Corner Units

Corners are the most important parts of a home; they play a major role in giving it the required dimension but are mostly neglected. Marvel ensures that these corners are properly utilized with its state of art corner units which are customized as per the requirements of the home and kitchen.

Regular Baskets for Cutlery and Vessels

Your perfect kitchens deserve the perfect partner to deliver their best performance. The regular baskets are created with top quality and sturdy material to give you an effortless and long-lasting use of every product.

Crystal Basket Cutlery Holders

The key to a neat working kitchen space is organization. With our versatile and effortless baskets, you can keep every item neatly right from your vessels to your cutlery.

Perforated Pull-out Baskets

If you’re looking to get effortless comfort laced with absolute style and class, choose from our range of perforated baskets. Every pull out basket is created and crafted with precision and superior quality materials to give you easy access to all your items.

Tall Pantry Units

Compact designs and styles are a must have in every contemporary home. Kitchens with all the stylish utilities need a versatile and space efficient storage. With Marvel you can choose from a range of versatile and classy tall units that store all your commodities and access them with ease.

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